Majestic Lighting Inc are a wholesale lighting and wholesale electric company. They’re based in Southern California and are the home for wholesale lighting and wholesale electric there. Majestic Lighting Inc has been operating since 2004 and are they offer a wide variety of lighting and supplies from a range of the top manufacturers. They offer affordable wholesale prices for their quality products and their friendly customer service team has helped them earn the business and respect of numerous construction companies.
They have plenty of solutions for all your electrical and lighting needs. They offer a huge range of electrical products from dimmer switches to plugs and transformers, and everything in between. Their lighting services are second to none as well. They have plenty of LED lighting for both indoors and outdoors that are perfect for construction. LED lights are bulbs that use a lot less energy; 75% less, and have a lot more life in them. LED bulbs last about 35-50 times as long as incandescent lights and about 2-5 times as long as a fluorescent light. Majestic Lighting Inc offer ventilation fans and heaters and have an entire section dedicated to outdoor lighting at large. From underwater lights to decking lights to path lights they have it all and a little bit more.
Whatever your needs are when it comes to lighting, Majestic Lighting Inc has the wholesale lighting and wholesale electric solutions to your problems. Whether you’re constructing or maintaining a building such as an apartment or condominium. Majestic Lighting Inc has everything you need and is ready to fulfil you order.
They offer a wide range of payment methods including major credit cards and debit cards, as well as Paypal, which itself uses all major credit and debit cards. From their website you can get a free quote and look around at what they offer. You can also download a form to request credit if your order is so large that you can’t afford it in one go.
Majestic Lighting Inc comes well reviewed and highly recommended by individual customers as well as larger companies who take advantage of their prices all the time. They have individual solutions as well as buying in bulk and can cater to your needs no matter what they are.
So if you find yourself in need of wholesale lighting then visit Majestic Lighting Inc’s website and see what you can find. They have everything you need to get started and offer it all at an affordable price. Get a quote or just add everything to your cart and pay for it when you’re done. If you have any concerns or questions then phone them at (310)-808-1008 or use their online contact form to email them. Their customer service team is waiting to take care of you and assure you you’re getting the best service and prices available.
Visit Majestic Lighting Inc now and see what they have for you and come away knowing you can trust them with your lighting and electrical needs.