Basically, we have three types of grow light out there. We have fluorescent grow lights, led grow lights and HID grow lights. With our attention focused on LED grow light, the question lingering on minds is simply, “ What are the best LED grow light out there ?

Flowering plants like African violets and begonias utilize LED grow light. For florist, finding the best LED grow light for these house plants becomes an herculean task. This article puts an end to your worries and search. Below are top ten LED grow light for your flowering house plant:

1. Viparspectra Reflector series
Viparspectra Reflector-Series is a 600 Watt LED grow light containing of 120 individual 5-watt LED chips. It has an average lifespan of 100,000 hours as well as a three-year warranty. The grow light also comes with a cooling fans and aluminum heat sinks, so overheating is not an issue. It is created to cover a 3x3 foot area dangling at 24 inches above it and can cover up to 4x4 feet maximum at that height. It comes with a hanging kit. The best feature of this LED grow lights is because it has veg/bloom switches that regulate the light spectrum being produced by the LEDs, enhancing the emitted light to encourage plants to flower or fruit.

2. Erligpowht 45W LED
This 45W light from Erligpowht includes 165 red and 60 blue colored LED lights to produce a light spectrum that will aid your plants grow in all stages of life. The 45W system is very small and would be best for under 3 plants. This light works in a cool and efficient manner and does not require any fan or cooling systems. Since it is a small LED light, it is best for shorter plants and should be placed close to the top of the plants. It is affordable.

3. Best Single Plant LED: TaoTronics LED Grow Light Bulb
The TaoTronics LED is the perfect size for a small home garden, provides the perfect spectrum of light needed for flowers and vegetables, and lasts far longer than traditional light bulbs. This light fits in a standard 12W socket, making set up super easy and quick because you will not have to buy any additional materials. The light perfect for seedlings all the way to full grown single plants. It has a one year warranty.

4. Best Supplemental LED Light: OxyLED 7W Grow Light With Clip
This 7W LED grow light from OxyLED is but mighty. It is effective and accompanied with a lot of amazing features. This light comes with two blue and five red LEDs, supplying exactly the right wavelength to enhance plant growth. It is easy to install with its built in clip, which can be hung vertical, horizontal, on the wall or on the ceiling. The clip is detachable as well if you want to mount it permanently in one location. The unique feature of this light is that it is fully adjustable in 360 degrees. This grow light has a lifespan of 35,000 hours.

5. Galaxyhydro LED GROW LIGHT
This 300 Watt LED grow light consists of 100 3-watt Epiled LED chips that cover the optimal 9-band spectrum. It covers 430nm, 450nm-470nm, 620nm-630nm, 740nm, and white, as well as providing UV and Infrared light as well. These portions of the spectrum both encourage growth and hardiness if you plan to transplant your plants outdoors eventually. It comes with a two-year warranty and a hanging kit. It is also very cheap.

Kind LED grow lights are the perfect choice indoor plant setups, and these LED full spectrum grow lights are a great pick for mid-size to larger indoor gardens. The 90 3-watt LEDs, cut into six groups and produce the complete 12-band spectrum, including UV and IR. UV and IR boost growth and can also make plants transition more easily outdoors if transplanting is mission. It comes with Four fans and heat sinks to keep the area cool. It can cover areas from 3x3 feet to 5x5 feet, great for growing lots of plants! The best feature of this grow light is the “Secondary Optical Lens” that helps light get to the base of plants that have grown past the point of being sprouts.

7. Kind K5 XL1000 LED Grow Light w/ Rope Ratchets
This is another powerful lamp for gardeners with a lot of area to cover. The Kind K5 XL10 consumes 650W of electricity.