It been more than two decades since grow lights came into existence. Over time, different brands of grow lights have been manufactured. From LED light, Florescent light and HPS light, these three have dominated the indoor lightening terrain. One persistent debate however, recoils around the notion which one is the best among the three ? No doubt, the three are outstanding grow lights. They have served growers and florists tremendously. The competitive nature of these grow lights has given users multiplicities of choice. So, which one of them is the best ? Here are five reasons HPS light why are still the best ?

HPS light is gauged or scaled

The beauty of HPS light is the fact that they have smaller watts. For instance, we have 150W HPS. Though, a lot of growers are utilizing a 1000W HPS light. The truth is 1000W is actually way too much for most people! 1000W HPS lights are commonly used by lots of growers, though, most of them do not realize how necessarily it might be given the size of their garden.


High Pressure Sodium grow lights are simply cheap! Even the bigger HPS system you expect to be expensive cost considerably less than an LED grow light of equivalent wattage. Also, HPS systems are segmental, so if any a part in the system fails (like a bulb) you could change it without having to pay for a totally new illumination system.

As users, we tend to think that the cheapness of a product is an indicator of low quality, but HPS negates that fact. HPS lights have been greatly used in the US as streetlights since the 60s, and the technology used in the streetlights is similar to the technology contained in HPS grow lights. It is Effective and encourages fast growth The greatest arsenal of HPS light is how well it works. HPS grow lights allows for quick growth, fat big sprouts/shoots and constant big yields. They effectively turn electricity into light, and they emit a type/color of light that promotes better budding. Despite all the latest types of lights, HPS lights are still the most commonly type of grow light used these days. The bulk of commercial growers use HPS grow lights. So, it is not surprising that HPS lights have a good reputation at yielding great yields.


It is easy to utilize and install. It is also straightforward in terms of the wattage. It means that they do not require additional investigation to find their true wattage. A single 600 watt HPS light uses about the same electricity as all other 600 watt HPS lights.

On the other hand, CFLs and LEDs lean towards the use ‘equivalent wattage’ rankings. Fundamentally, it means that the wattage publicized is not the real wattage used by the light. Rather, they mean that the light is strong as or equivalent to a light with the advertised wattage though, they do not have the same voltage.


All florists know that HPS light is the perfect choice for flowering plants such as African violets and begonias. Why ? Because when compared to other grow lights, LED and Florescent do not stand a chance when it is comes to yield. All growers know the best grow light for yield is HPS light.

Yes, HPS light is top notch and still the best, but it also has it weakness like needing a tent, and generates a lot of heat but the gains outweighs the disadvantages